Different Types of Clipping Path For eCommerce

Clipping path is mainly used technique to remove any background from images. Generally, this technique can create a shape of a vector path to typically cut 2D photos using a pen tool in your Photoshop. Therefore, by using the clipping path, we can simply change a small portion of image retouching, shape, change the color, shadow, logo, background removal, and other related things in a single image. Here we share different types of clipping path for eCommerce, online brand, and website.

Recently, the clipping path is among the essential and common image editing out there. Besides altering or removing the image background clipping path also used things like soft edges and fixing hard. Besides, this technique is highly required in different types of applications like print and web media. You can replace, cut or remove the image of your background easily using a clipping path.

However, there are many types of clipping paths out there, but you need the most functional and effective one. And without a supportive guide, you might land to ineffective ones. Fortunately, I have deep researched and came up with a detailed list of top-rated and reliable types of clipping paths that will fully meet your needs and expectations in the photographing industry.

What exactly is Photoshop clipping path?

This Photoshop clipping path is the photo background removal procedure which is typically done using Adobe Photoshop’s best pencil tool. Besides, you can eventually find many tools of this specific image editing software in different creative tasks or image creation.

In essence, the pen tool can be used to delete, cut or replace inappropriate image backgrounds. Thus, the clipping path is the type of shape which is commonly utilized in product photo editing and e-commerce software in cutting 2D photos.

Different Types of Image Clipping Path

Different Types of clipping paths

1. Basic clipping path

basic clipping path in photoshop

This is the procedure of outlining the image utilizing the Photoshop pen tool. Besides, this process is where best photo editors can effectively remove the background right from the image, associating it with a white background. In other words, in this specific cycle, you can typically eliminate foundation from your photo, partner it with any white foundation.

2. Simple clipping path

what is simple clipping path

This Photo clipping path is mainly applied to curved products with different holes like shoes, T-shirts, watch rings, cameras, earrings, rings, etc. Besides, in this path, the numeral of anchor points and curves is greater than the other clipping path.

3. Medium clipping paths

what is medium clipping path

Generally, this type of image clipping path comprises some designs and holes. Meaning the anchor points number is more significant compared to a simple clipping path. Overall, this Photo clipping path can be applied to products with lesser curves and corners. And these images might have less embedded transparency, performed on group shoes, bracelets, motor parts, double shoes, group watches, and group foods.

4. Complex clipping path

complex clipping path

Any picture with many unpredictable shapes, many compound shapes can be viewed like a perplexing cut-out method. This means it has an extra ten inserted openness, numerous delineating ways, and an excess of about ten shut ways. Therefore, such images with numerous compound shapes and complex shapes we call it complex clipping path.

5. Super complex best clipping path

super complex clipping path

It is in this procedure where the challenge is keeping the shape like before. This means if you are dealing with an image with numerous compound shapes and many complex, it’s considered as a super complex process. The expert tends to face many paths, holes, and curves in this specific path. Further, they also require confronting numerous ways, openings, and bends.

6. Multiple clipping path

multiple clipping path

This is the category where customers are free to typically change the individual’s components of the photo in multiple filling, color levels or preferably transform it to different forms like changing in size, opacity change, rotation, etc.

Additionally, different effects and filters can also be applied for image enhancement. For example, the product and or items images which need multiple clipping paths in design are flast and GIF composite animation, products of e-commerce websites, fashion design, fashion catalogs, etc.

Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions for clipping path services

What are the top uses of the clipping path?

(a) Color correction and retouching

image color correction and retouching

The multiple layer paths are utilized in color correction and photo retouching, and to achieve ideal selection in photo editing, you will require this type of clipping path service.

(b) To remove background from the images.

remove background from images

This is the primary and common use of clipping paths in Photoshop. Finding hard edge of different product image with pen tool seems easier compared to using related methods out there.

(c) To manipulate image

manipulate image

Generally, photo clipping is another primary use of different image manipulation operations. Therefore, for some of us who may need to correct, change or alter the image section, the clipping path service will significantly help you.

(d) Image Enhancement

image enhancement using photoshop

Clipping in design helps when it comes to image enhancement to enhance overall aspects connected to your image. Besides, this includes improving image light utilizing light effects.

(e) Image tracing and face-swapping

image tracing and face swapping in photoshop

In this case, clipping path service in Photoshop includes different processes which enable to substitute faces and head in an image with other. On the other hand, image tracing allows the user to have accurate tracing and cropping of chosen areas in the image.

Who needs this clipping path service?

(a) Electronics and Toys

This clipping path tends to be highly applied in small products and round with curved shapes like mobiles, children’s toys, and computer accessories. Anytime it is offline or online, the business owners should take clipping path service helps to eventually draw customers’ attention.

(b) Banner design

If you used the banner layout alongside the clipping path, someone can attention to individuals or even more. Therefore, whether you require a website banner layout or an animated advertising banner, this service path can eventually give the user the best and most valuable services.

(c) Fashion industry

Many of us have seen numerous online pages and products seen in white backgrounds. Further, we have also seen the catalogs of clothes in this process where photos tend to be added to a different background. Therefore, in the fashion industry, this clipping tool might rapidly solve the inconsistency of your image.

(d) Jewelry business

Clipping path service can make this very possible via presenting jewelry photos in a fascinating way which baits the consumers. Therefore, clipping path targets in dismissing undesirable spots right from photos and also try increasing value of photos. In this case, the consumer can rapidly catch the beauty of your product, and this enhances the importance of the clipping path utilized in the jewelry business.

(e) Web image optimization

In photographing industry, inappropriate photo editing is a common word to hear. And this is where the importance of optimization comes in to eventually attaining good performance. Therefore, it is vital for the user to have the web image to typically display the website rightly. If your web photos are not attractive, this means they might fail to gain the necessary traffic. Overall, the clipping path is essential when it comes to optimizing the inappropriate image way.

The importance of this clipping path service

Recently clipping path has high demand in various sectors like making advertisements in different types of your products, online business, etc. Generally, clipping path service is applied in making your business images more attractive to typically draw customers’ attention.

importance of clipping path photo editing

Therefore, the clipping path makes everything accessible in presenting your images to be more appealing and attractive. Further, in online business, consumers select products via viewing them right on screen only. This means if your product does not have a gorgeous view, you might fail to eventually draw customer attention.

Which is the best type of clipping path service appropriate for our small business?

Generally, Photoshop is among the practical and most utilized editing software. Besides, Photographers, animators, designers, graphics, and other experts often use this specific software in their work. And this is because it comes with numerous tools which can be used to create, edit or even design your image in any way. Overall, a good and beneficial Photoshop is perfectly done using the clipping path service.

What are the Best tips to select valuable clipping path services?

Now that you have the benefits and types of clipping paths in your mind, the other essential factor is learning how to select helpful Photoshop clipping path suppliers for your small business. So, without further ado, below are top-rated and rights tips some can use in this process:

Ask for any recommendations from colleagues, peers or try posting on different social media platforms.

Different outsource service such as fiverr, and Upwork tends to allow freelance in bidding on jobs. This means someone can check it out for information on the best clipping paths suppliers.

– Check out trusted sources on the web to typically find a helpful resource for product photographers and eCommerce sellers.


Utilizing clipping path services is a great and helpful way to improve your business. Besides, someone will be able to focus on essential tasks and also save a lot of duration, which maybe you have spent in editing. But, generally, enhancing the image beauty with a clipping path might be challenging without the necessary information regarding the types, importance, etc.

This is because this service needs a professional hand with enough experience in using various tools in Photoshop alongside implementing different techniques on the right images and at the right time. To conclude, the above guide will significantly help you to get excellent results from clipping path services even if it will be your first time using it.

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