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Clipping path is mainly used technique to remove any background from images. Generally, this technique can create a shape of a vector path to typically cut 2D photos using a pen tool in your Photoshop. Therefore, by using the clipping path, we can simply change a small portion of image retouching, shape, change the color, …

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optimize product image for eCommerce

Images account for most of the average internet user’s time spent researching products, and optimize product image for a better user experience is essential. Reviews and trust are the cornerstones of every online shopping experience, so product photos should reflect the product’s quality. With the rise of online shopping, user experience has become even more …

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car photo editing service provider

Tips to Choosing Best Photo Editing Service Provider Whether you’re selling your car or just taking care of your dealership’s inside and outside looks, hiring a professional photo editor is important. Not only do they add an element of style and professionalism to your business, but they also have the experience and skills necessary to …

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Best Photo Editing Service Provider

Digitizing photos is not an easy task and for that purpose you will need a professional photo editor to satisfy your desire or needs. However, getting a professional photo editing service provider is also another burden because some of those who claim to be professional are conmen operating in shadows or may not deliver quality …

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Fashion Photography Guide for Beginners

Fashion Photography is everywhere, exciting and fun, but it may seem complicated and challenging without a supportive guide, especially for beginners. Therefore, for an individual who has a desire to enter this world of fashion photography, it would be smooth if you learn a few tips and tactics towards your success before you break into …

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Best Tips To Start A Buy and Sell Used Cars Business

Buying and Selling Used Cars Business The used cars business is one of the profitable businesses in the world. “A car is a mystical bond between man and machine” is said by the automobile engineers. The vehicle is an advanced replacement for ancient rides like horses or camels. Information technology made this possible using machineries …

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ecommerce photo editing service

What is eCommerce photo editing? This is the practice of altering product images for sale on an eCommerce website. It includes everything from removing background to changing colors and features of certain products. So Ecommerce photo editing is very important for online store, website or photographers. Keep reading to learn more about E-commerce photo editing, …

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different types of portrait photography ideas and technique

From family and couple portrait photographs to corporate, school among many others, portrait photography is a major broad niche. Generally, portrait photography techniques are among the top styles for each photographer to typically masker to deliver high-quality and best images to your clients. This means taking great portrait photographs requires correct compositions, camera settings, backdrops, …

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Beginner's Guide to Product Photography for eCommerce

Best Way to Produce Product Photography for eCommerce Business If an image is essential for a thousand words, then a stunning product photography for ecommerce is one thousand websites visits. Generally, the product photography may not be as simple as shooting and pointing. And to eventually reach your super target audience members online, you should …

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