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Ghost mannequin is such a photo editing service that commonly all fashion brands need almost every day. It is really a necessary photo editing service that will reduce your cost in different ways. Perfectly applying the ghost mannequin effect will be useful for your business in lots of ways and that’s why the demand for Ghost mannequin service providers online has increased significantly in recent years. 

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services

Besides the other types of photo editing services, Ghost Mannequin service is for improving the quality of product images. This photo editing service is a must for fashion brands as it can provide dress pics with an amazing business-friendly look. This will minimise your cost significantly and customers will get an accurate idea about the dress they’re seeing. 

Ghost mannequin service for products is different from the dresses but the process and effect will be almost similar. This service is applicable for different types of dresses and ornaments. Surely this will ensure a 3D look and will level up the appearance of images. For all these things, you will see different online stores are now hiring ghost mannequin service providers online than any time in the past.

Simply, the ghost mannequin is the process of taking photos of dresses while a model wearing it or keeping the dress on a mannequin, and then removing the model or mannequin keeping the inside of the dress hollow. In other words, this photo editing service provides a piece of dress with an amazing 3D look. 

Besides dresses, the ghost mannequin effect may also be applied to different things like watches or ornaments that we wear in hand. People also call this service Neck Joint Service, Invisible Mannequin Service, or something like that. The person who has a clothing store or clothing business mainly needs this service on a regular basis. Through this service, displaying a piece of grace can be done in the most amazing way. 

Ghost mannequin service is useful for businesses in so many ways and that’s why marketers are now hiring more and more professionals for ghost mannequin service. 

Reduce The Charge

If you use the ghost mannequin service you will not have to pay any penny for appointing a model. But with this service, you will get almost all the benefits of using a model.

Provide A Hollow Look

Ghost mannequin service ensures a hollow look of every dress or other product and that’s why anyone can get the exact idea of what the dress will look like when someone will use that. Such a smarter hollow look cannot be ensured in any other way except Ghost Mannequin. 

Show Your Customers An Accurate Look

When any customer sees a shirt hanging or if they see some folded shirts ordinarily they will not get the accurate idea of what the shirt will look like when someone will wear it in their day to day life. But if you can ensure the 3D look of dresses then your customers will get the idea and actually customers desire this. 

Ensure A Smart Appearance of Products

Usually, if you upload images of folded pants or some other dresses, that will not seem smarter. If you take a look at the uploads of top-rated fashion brands you’ll get the point. To ensure a smart appearance there is no alternative to ghost mannequin service.

Generating A Huge Sales

If you upload high quality dress images after applying the ghost mannequin effect you’ll be able to attract more customers. Surely, this effect will ensure a smarter look and in that case the possibility of generating sales increases many times. That’s why applying the ghost mannequin effect before uploading dress images is now so common.

Run Your Business With A Minimum Number of Supporting Stafe

If you apply the ghost mannequin effect after taking pics then you don’t have to appoint lots of supporting staff for showing different parts of dresses, making videos, or something like that. The reason is that the ghost mannequin effect is enough to present different types of dresses in a super attractive way.

Ghost Mannequin service doesn’t mean one thing rather it includes different types of services. These services are needed depending on the product nature and some other things. Sometimes only one type of ghost mannequin service is enough, and sometimes we need more than one. 

Ghost Mannequin Removal

Ghost Mannequin Removal is the deletion of the model or mannequin keeping the dress on which you have taken the pic. In this case, we delete or cut out only the part of the model or mannequin which is visible beside the dress. 

Neck Joint Service

Nick joint service refers to the joining of two parts of the neck area in a dress. Commonly people take pics of dresses when a model wears it or they keep the dress on a mannequin and that’s why the neck part will be invisible due to the model or mannequin. So we cut the model or mannequin part and join this invisible neck part while we provide the Neck Joint Service

Bottom Joint Service

Bottom joint service means the joining of two bottom parts of a dress. Due to the leg of the model some parts of a dress from bottom may be invisible sometimes. Bottom joint service comes in handy in this case after removing the model of mannequin from the dress image. 

Sleeve Joint Service

Sleeve joint service is for attaching two parts of a dress where a model or mannequin makes one part of the sleeve invisible. Here we follow the ordinary procedure- delete the model or mannequin first and then join the sleeve parts. 

Don’t be worried about the cost- we will charge lower no matter how complex your product photo is. We determine the charge according to the complexity of your product photos, but be sure it will be lower than common other ghost mannequin service providers online. We offer ghost mannequin service in two categories- Simple ghost mannequin service and Complex ghost mannequin service. 

Simple ghost mannequin service

If the image you sent to us contains only one joining section, like pants, t-shirts, or something like that then we’ll consider that simple ghost mannequin service, and in that case, we charge only 0.99 CENTS for applying ghost mannequin effect on every image. 

Complex Mannequin Service

When we need to join multiple parts of images then we offer complex ghost mannequin service, and it requires much time. Two-piece underwear sets, waistbands, leg holes, or something like that fall under this category. Actually, the ghost mannequin effect applying process in such cases is complex and that’s why we charge a bit higher- $1.99 PER PHOTO.

Ghost mannequin service is a must for those clothing brands who don’t want to spend on appointing a model. Ghost Mannequin service will provide them with dress pics with a hollow look though there will be no model or mannequin. Commonly people use models for promoting a dress as models can increase the dress image value. 

Seeing a dress while a model is wearing it people can get an idea of how he will look when he will wear the same. The truth is that the ghost mannequin effect serves the same purpose in a similarly effective way. So this is the best photo editing way for those who don’t want to use any model but want to promote their dresses online in a smarter way.

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How Do Our Experts Do This?

Actually, ghost mannequin service cannot be provided with just one image of a dress. Suppose, you sent us the front side image of a dress while it was on a mannequin or a model wearing it. It is not enough to provide this service with only this piece of image, rather we need to have the neck part which is covered by the mannequin or model.

How neck joint service works

If we have the neck part, then we will remove the mannequin or model first, and then we will merge the neck part with the part from where we removed the mannequin. That’s why we said after applying this service, the 3D look of a piece of dress can be ensured. Following these simple steps, our experts accomplish ghost mannequin processes perfectly-

Deleting unwanted objects from the images, if any.
Sever the parts where target objects exist, from images.
Delete artifacts from the dress images.
Join different parts of the images where necessary.
Check at last whether everything is okay or not.

After doing all these things, the dress will remain hollow though there will be no model, mannequin, etc. That means it will look like someone is wearing the dress, but the person wearing the dress seems invisible (as we delete it). In other words, it will ensure the 3D look seeing that anyone will be able to get an idea of what he will look like if he wears it. 

ghost mannequin image editing service
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This task is mostly used on garment product. We ensure you our
best quality service. So you can check our catalogues.


1. Request a quote for the images you need edited

2. Receive an email with your quote in 45 minutes or less

3. Give us the green light to move forward with your project

4. Get your images in as little as six hours

Ghost Mannequin Service for Product Photos

Commonly people ask for the Ghost Mannequin Service for showcasing their apparel smartly on an online store or anywhere. But besides dresses, you may ask for different products and this pattern is not so rare. Suppose, besides dresses, you may also ask for ghost mannequin service for several things like watches, bracelets, or something like that. 

If you just upload a watch, keeping it on a table, obviously that will not be the effective way, as people will not get the view of both parts. But if you take the watch pic at first while it’s on someone’s hand and then remove the hand part from the image that will ensure a smarter appearance of the watch. The reason is that after applying the ghost mannequin effect people will be able to see both parts of the watch and will also get an idea of what he will look like when he himself wears this watch. 

Similarly, you may ask for ghost mannequin service for anything that we wear on hand as ornaments. Remember, the ghost mannequin effect increases the image value many times and that’s why brands are now significantly dependent on ghost mannequin service.  

Why Image Clipping Path India For Ghost Mannequin Services?

Image Clipping Path India is one of the best ghost mannequin service providers online which has been providing ghost mannequin service for a good many years. 

Availability of Services For Different Products

It’s not a matter to us- you are seeking the ghost mannequin service for what type of products, we are ready to apply the ghost mannequin effect on different types of dresses, watches, bracelets, or something like that.

Keep Your Wallet Happy

Our service charges very low, it’s not a burden even for newly established businesses. That’s why you will be able to keep your wallet happy even after seeking services from us regularly.

Providing Guidelines For New Businesses

If you are new in online business we are ready to provide all types of guidelines or support regarding how you may upload your product images after applying ghost mannequin effect or for anything you need. 

Best Quality Services For Different Products

We have different teams for different tasks relating to ghost mannequin services. For that reason, you will get the best quality services from us all the time even in the case of different types of products. 

Always Available To Hear From You

We always keep one team standby to hear from you, so, feel free to contact us about anything relating to our ghost mannequin service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ghost mannequin service is a photo editing technique used to create an illusion that a garment or clothing item is being worn by an invisible model. Image Clipping Path India uses this technique to create a 3D-like image of a clothing item, which is commonly used in e-commerce product images.

Any business that sells clothing or garments online can benefit from ghost mannequin service. This includes fashion retailers, clothing manufacturers, and online marketplaces that sell clothing items.

Using ghost mannequin service for your product images can give your customers a better idea of how the clothing item fits and looks. It can also make your product images look more professional and increase sales.

Ghost mannequin service can be used for a variety of clothing items, including shirts, dresses, jackets, pants, and more.

Yes, Image Clipping Path India can edit images in bulk. They offer volume discounts for large orders, making their services affordable for businesses of all sizes.

The cost of ghost mannequin service varies depending on the complexity of the image and the number of images being edited. However, Image Clipping Path India offers competitive pricing and provides a free trial to new customers.

Yes, Image Clipping Path India takes the privacy and security of your images seriously. They use secure file transfer protocols and have strict data protection policies in place.

Image Clipping Path India accepts a variety of file formats, including JPEG, PNG, PSD, Raw, PDF, TIFF and more.

Welcome to Image Clipping Path India. To check our quality send 2/3 images for a Free Trial.