Clipping path and image-editing services specializing in E-commerce and product photography.

Hand-drawn clipping path, high-quality image editing, quick turnaround time — all starting at just $ 0.39 MXN/photo

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Clipping path and image-editing services specializing in E-commerce and product photography.

Hand-drawn clipping path, high-quality image editing, quick turnaround time — all starting at just $ 0.39 MXN/photo


Clipping Path $0.39 per image

Image Masking $0.79 per image

Drop Shadow $0.25 per image

Ghost Mannequin $0.89 per image



Bad quality clipping path can’t motivate the customers properly as there remaining the drawbacks. Only quality ensures more customers for this kind of business. By maintaining a great quality, we generates the customer’s attention.


Time is the great factor for conducting online business. It is easy to get success by maintaining time. We love to do time based work. We offers fast online quotes, superb customer’s service by given time, turn-around time. However, we normally reply the query within 25 minutes.


Taking proper price brings a lot of customers. So for this kind of business, keeping affordable price is useful. Again keeping low price would be the solution for gathering potential customers. But for the bulk image, you should consider about pricing.


1. Request a quote for the images you need edited

2. Receive an email with your quote in 45 minutes or less

3. Give us the green light to move forward with your project

4. Get your images in as little as six hours

5. Sell lots of products and make your clients happy!

Clipping Path Service

clipping path service company

Clipping path is an editing form which is nowadays a very popular drift on the internet. From a cover photo of a magazine to an advertisement of a product, clipping path is trending everywhere! This work is

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Image Masking Service

image masking service company

In the field of graphic designing, image masking is spreading over something on top of a part of the image. We do image masking in two ways. First one is Layer masking and the other one is clipping masking

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Image Retouching Service

image retouching service

With the flow of time, our memories starts fading. If we want to revive them, we have to retouch the moments again. We all capture our precious moments in a picture and collect them as the mark of the memory

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Shadow Creation Service

reflections shadow service
Shadow creation is the most popular and World wide trendy technology of Photoshop. It has been using in numerous sectors of image editing. Shadow means to create a shade of a particular object.   Read More

Color Correction Service

color changing service

Color correction is process of getting an enhanced picture in case you did not captured a perfect and desired picture. This graphical technique ensures you to bring out a charming appearance to your photo

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Product Photo Editing

photo editing service

In case you are not happy with a photo of yours and want some changes in it, it is a photo editor you need for editing and make you satisfy with that photo. In photo editing technique, some graphic tools

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Image Clipping Path India is home to more than 150 skilled graphic designers. Our Customer support team is provided 24/7 and for 365 days of the year. With more 50 professional quality controlling stations, we are able to process more than 5000 images are processed per day. Image Clipping Path India is an outsourcing graphic design company. We offer you recommendable facilities that are the best through worldwide. Our offer for you :
1. Good Quality
2. Quick Delivery
3. Lowest prices offered
4. No payment required until satisfaction
5. 24 hours open every day
6. All types of photo treatment services available
7. Employees working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
8. Discount for regular clients
Choosing us can prove to be a accountable business, our goal is simple – your satisfaction!


We offer image processing service like Photo Retouching, Clipping Path, Color Correction, Image Masking, Alpha Masking... We are one of the top Image Processing companies in India, Assuring you of our best possible services at all times.

When you opt for Clipping Path services from Image Clipping Path India, you get images that are 100% fresh and are clipped in as many clipping paths you wish for. If you wish to run a unique and or wish to know more about the image masking services or projects that you can outsource at Image Clipping Path India, contact us and we will provide best a free quote for your request and provide high-quality services at affordable rates.


Image Clipping Path India has its main office in US. Its offshore facility is based in Bangladesh. Because the region has low labour cost, the highly skilled workers are able to produce high quality processing jobs. They are certified and trained hence they are adept at their jobs. They have worked with many agencies that require their services. Ad agency are constantly in need of creative work where pictures are concerned. They have the onus of making impressive compositions for their clients. In the business of selling all kinds of products, the work has to look attractive for the buyers. Hence it is a constant challenge for Photographers at Image Clipping Path India to deliver the best jobs. Many such agencies are dependent daily on the editors to provide the latest ways to make digital pictures interesting and acceptable to their clients. Often clients do not approach large online studios mainly because of high rates for services. But at Image Clipping Path India the quotation can be easily processed within an hour. The work is affordable for most services. Dhaka is in Asia where labour is cheap but work is of good quality. Some of the most intricate services provided include background change, image masking, basic to advanced clipping path, retouching and restoration, Raster to Vector conversions, photo enhancement, image stitching and manipulation. Is it any wonder that patrons still approach this thriving outsourcing firm for every photo processing need?

We are the best Photo Editing Service service providers

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With a range of facilities adapted according to your requirements, our one and only goal is to make you satisfied with our work and we are going to provide you the best quality of our work within the exact time duration and also with a reasonable cost within your budget. We are committed 24 ours at your service whenever you need.


Free trail service offers here. On that, most of our clients continue with us. We mean work and this will never pain your quality. We offer the lowest price with qualitative images. You can try 1-2 images.

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