Image Color Correction to Choose the right color for your Product Photos

color correction to choose the right color for your image

Image Color Correction in Photoshop to Choose Right Color for Your Product

Images are our opportunity to eventually showcase our products and also tell more regarding our brand story. And the way to do this is by using color that can evoke the appropriate feel and mood. Essentially, image color can your ordinary product to big step and make it pop massively in your website. All this can be detailed and successful with image color correction service. This will help someone come with the best image color that evokes emotions that you want the shopper to have when interacting with your products and brand.

photoshop color correction

Overall, Image color correction in Photoshop might even go a long way and influence your consumers in purchasing the new products you have and also play a significant role on how they will recount to you as well as the brand.

Maybe you have ever seen films with chilly blue or eerie green tint, which drives home a reasonable tone of a project. In essence, these various atmospheres of image color correction and many others stand as the best monuments to typically control photos even without advanced precision.

image color changing with photoshop

In this case, photo color correction is the solution. However, it is a technique where every footage clip is altered to typically match a reliable standard of appearance. Besides, it may take a good amount of practice and research to eventually control images right with advanced precision.

In simple terms, photoshop color correction is used to perfectly fix the color of image, which had undesirable results. For example, you need color correction for orange highlights, brassy oral-home color.

complete color change

Overall, color collection service is used in television, cinematography, stage lighting, photography, and other related disciplines that utilizes filters, color gels to alter the entire color of the illumination.

Image Color Correction: How to eventually choose the right color for your image?

Image Color Correction: Understand the meaning of colors

Besides, many studies have gone to color theory. Without supportive guide, someone can easily get lost in finding the story behind different colors when choosing the best photo color correction for your image. Fortunately, below is a quick summary that will help have a clear idea about the meaning of different colors:

1. Pink Color

Pick-it is a romantic, feminine and sentimental color. Further, different shades such as hot might be bold and youthful.

2. Yellow Color

Yellow is naturally optimistic. Meaning this color is linked with being happy and playful.

3. Red Color

This color is linked with excitement, danger, and energy. Plus, it’s still known as the color of passion and love.

4. Orange Color

Orange is full of vitality and freshness, just like its namesake. Also, it is adventurous, creative, and linked with being cost-effective.

5. Green Color

Many of us know that green is natural and often used in demonstrating sustainability. However, it may also align with wealth and prestige.

6. Brown Color

This color displays honest and down-to-earth, often utilized for the organic wholesome products images.

7. Purple Color

It is majesty and royalty. Plus, it can also be mysterious and spiritual

8. Blue Color

It is reliable and trustworthy. Further, it can also signify calming

9. Multicolor Color

This color is open to anything or united. It’s great when it comes to capturing the diverse spirit.

10. Black Color

Generally, black is both elegant and sophisticated. It can still be luxurious and formal and, unfortunately, sorrowful

11. White Color

It is pure and conveys innocence and simplicity, often with a very minimalistic feel.

Image Color Correction: Identify your image essence.

Your brand or image essence encourages your customers to be confident and bold. So, first, you should clearly identify what your image is all about, your goals, and how you may want the targeted audience to feel. With this in mind, someone can choose the best Photoshop color correction for your brand. In this case, think about your product image in the below helpful ways:

1. Targeted audiences

Essentially, you may want your audiences to either feel confident, positive, or intelligent

2. The brand goals

How do you want your consumer to feel? Happy, get more informed, or get rich?

3. Personality traits

How if your product’s images serious, fun, or inspirational

Overall, we all have different aspects to why we want to get perceived by our consumers. And this helps to narrow down the color scheme. For example, if you are dealing with an organic product, the color of the image should at least be linked with brown. Even for better results, you can feature both yellow and brown.

Photo Color Correction: Have a look at competitor image colors

Generally, the image colors should be instantly recognizable or stand out. And because your product frequently may be appearing among the competitors, then it would help if your look different. May be you have come across sunscreen in the sea of tech companies or yellow in the sea of blue.

Meaning when each product appears similar, then it is very easy for them to get overlooked. In this case, thick about different things your product or image does.

For example sunscreen may protect from sun however if its manufactured sustainably then green can be better option. Overall to avoid being lost in color mixes, consider creating a mood board for your competitors to distinguish how unique you are from others.

Image Color Correction: Create the image color palette

In essence, there are different shades of blue, and it’s essential to understand colors in context in palette and individuals image color.

Types of color

1. Color shade

When bland is officially added to color, this specific amount of shade is considered similar amount of the black added. And that what we call color shade.

2. Color tone or saturation

This happens when someone changes the color appearance via adding both white and black.

3. Color hues

This is variations of ordinary colors yellow, red and blue. Besides, these specific three colors might create different colors based on how you mix them.

4. Color tint

When white version color of shade is added to another color to eventually make it lighter

4. Color codes

Besides, there are three specific color codes someone requires to be aware of to make sure your image colors are accurately replicated. Thus, you don’t require understanding all codes instead, know what your product image color are in every format.

Photoshop Color Correction: Complement your image colors

According to the expert, to typically get most from the product images, remember that they require matching with your specific brand colors. And final thing is having a handful of attractive and quality images which don’t match your brand color theme or website. And this is why you should plan your specific shoot beforehand perfectly.

Image Color Correction: Set a mood for color scheme

Now with some color selections in your mind, also consider the mood you may want your image colors to set. For example, if energy and passion are your first priorities, then lean more on bright yellows or red. On the other hand, if you are looking to typically create a feeling of tranquility or peace, then trend toward in greens and lighter blues.

7. Frequently asked questions

(a) Where should the brand color be seen?

Now that you are done with research and have come up with specific colors, created the best palette to support them, you can put them to action. And across your touch points, ensure your chosen colors have desired effect and work in different ways. Below are top places where the brands are supposed to appear: – Emails and websites – Logo – Advertisements – Events – Stationery – Instore – Social media – Staff uniforms And before committing, test your colors in two or one formats, like by printing business cards or social media.

(b) Why are image colors essential?

Generally, the business experts say that count is the first impression when it comes to selling products. And this is probably true since your image color is mostly the first thing consumers see. Besides, colors elicit feelings and emotions ad they convey specific information to clients. Of course, this can, in one way or another, enable consumers to form an initial impression even without knowing about your product. But, overall, image colors are potent when it comes to helping consumers decide whether to buy or not.

(c) How do consumers tend to respond to colors?

For example, red is linked with danger, while green is linked with nature. However, both colors have different associations and meanings. This takes to color psychology which is the study of how different colors affect customer behavior and perceptions. It allows people to understand color, most probably when we talk about branding and marketing. Based on the recent study, about 62 and 90 percent of the product assessment depends only on colors. Meaning it is essential to typically get your specific brand palette right.

Final verdict

Image color is among the most potent tools for expressing emotions. The involuntary physical reactions studies like brain activity, heart rate, and eye movements claim that colors tend to trigger an intense and very rapid reaction. They communicate with individuals on non-verbal and unconscious levels.

And without color correction service, scenes might have inappropriate mixes of colors. And mixed lighting colors tend to produce very undesirable aesthetics to customers. Unfortunately, it might challenge chosen the right and attractive color for your image without a supportive guide. This is because there are countless colors out there, and all of them have different meanings.

Luckily, I got your covered. The above guide will significantly help you’re come up with top colors for your image that will meet your needs and expectations when it comes to sales in your websites—all the best, your use our guide in color correction.

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